Highly recommended. Southern will go through all your insurance needs, shop for the best plan and save you as much money as possible.

In addition to just saving money, they explain your coverage so you know exactly what you’re paying for. This lets you know you’re getting the best deal and gives you confidence you will be fully covered.

My family had been paying way too much to State Farm without having our most important needs covered. Jacob when through our policies and found better coverage at a much better price than we had previously.

If you aren’t using Southern Auto, you’re not getting the best service or coverage. This is the first time I’ve been fully satisfied and confident with my insurance coverage. CALL TODAY!

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This agency just made my day! They are saving me a little over 100 dollars a month on car insurance, and I got much more coverage. Customer service is fantastic. You should give them a call.

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I am insanely impressed with the service provided by Souther Auto. I got the cheapest of the cheapest in my auto rate, and I am for sure bundling policies once I become a home owners.

Thanks again for all your hard work!

– Prentiss Clayton

They were very quick to respond to my request for a commercial umbrella quote. Very professional and extremely knowledgeable un other agents I spoke with. Wait until you discuss your homeowners insurance with them, their knowledge will blow you away! I feel good knowing that they are looking out for my best interest.

– Pat Waterhouse

Highly recommend!
Excellent customer service. Made the insurance process quick and easy. Was able to set up my policy electronically with no hassle.

– Harold Brown

Jacob Waterhouse at Southern Allied Insurance is one of the most knowledgeable persons I’ve ever met in the insurance business. His understanding of the insurance industry and his easy going manner, immediately give you a sense of ease and a feeling that he will find the best insurance that’ll meet your needs and will find the best possible price for you as well. I would highly recommend Southern Allied Insurance to my family and friends.

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Friendly service! I would highly recommend this company for home or auto insurance.

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They are very professional! Took the time to both explain coverages and assist me with both my Auto Insurance and Home Insurance. I spoke to a bunch of other Agencies, but knew I was In the right place when I called here. Thank you!

– Leon Jinkens

If you’re tired of dealing with agents who take days and weeks to return your phone calls you need to contact Southern Auto Insurance. I was amazed by how fast they were able to assist with my quote request.

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Southern Auto is the best place to buy insurance.

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Great customer service!! Considered all my needs and answered questions and concerns that I had.

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Great business!

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